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We offer the safest most advanced stem cell therapy treatments in the world.

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There are many advanced stage diseases that can seem hopeless. This is especially true when a physician tells you there are no treatment options left. However, just because one doctor tells you that,  doesn’t mean you have no choices remaining. Stem Cell Genetic Med has advanced stem cell therapy treatment options for many diseases. Dr. Burton Feinerman believes in challenging the incurable with stem cells and gene therapy.



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ASSURANCE - Our Treatments Have High Success Rates

There are many stem cell clinics popping up around the world today as the stem cells make their way into mainstream medicine. How can you be sure the clinic you are considering treatment from is the real deal?  No other clinic has stem cell patents covering their treatments. Most clinic offer very low prices for treatments that administer stem cells into the body incorrectly resulting in worthless treatments and financial loss to the patient.


Stem Cell Pioneer On Staff

Our medical team is ran by the world renown stem cell scientist Dr. Burton Feinerman. He has spent over 50 years studying regenerative medicines, with the last 25 years solely on research and scientific developments in stem cell and gene therapies. His goal remains to “Challenge The Incurable”.


Safety Is Always First

We use the most advanced treatment measures in modern medicine today. All our treatments are safe, pain-less and most times non-invasive.  Have peace at mind that our team is comprised  of the brightest and most successful specialists in their fields.

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Weekly Consultation Burton Feinerman

Scientist Can Edit Our DNA To Cure Diseases Unless You Live in America ( Weekly Consultation)

It is a new era. Families that suffered with genetic disorders may now have the opportunity to receive amazing stem cell and gene therapies that can potentially silence or knock out a specific gene mutation. The selection and editing of this mutation is precise. This can then be followed by the insertion of the normal gene

Weekly Consultation Burton Feinerman

Breakthrough Stem Cell Treatment For Advanced Kidney Disease

     WELLINGTON, Fla., July 11, 2017 was certainly a lucky day for Robert Alan Morton, a 58 year old with Stage 4 kidney disease. Robert had refused dialysis but was on the kidney transplant list. Nevertheless, he felt the need to search the internet for other possible solutions. It was Stem Cell Genetic Med that caught

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CURE Symposium 2016

Dr.  Burton Feinerman uses innovative technologies to make challenge the incurable diseases that 100s of million of people are suffering from today. In this talk, he speaks on his successes with stem cells and gene therapies. Dr. Feinerman says his work is the future of medicine.


What Our Patients Are Saying

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    Hello my name is Zoj Kukaj, I’ve sufferd from Leukodystrophy for 14 years. The last 5 years I was in a power wheel chair, not able to stand without my family holding me on each side to help me up. I wasn’t able to walk on my own. Thanks to Dr. Feinerman, I can stand and walk again. I did it! It was the happiest day of my husbands and my life. I was able to stand by myself. If you want to ask me questions find me on facebook!  I want to thank Dr. Feinerman and his staff for all they did for me 🙏🏻❤️💋🙏🏻❤️💋🙏🏻❤️💋🙏🏻
  • J.SJ.S Liver Cirrhosis PatientUSA
    Blessed is the liver cirrhosis sufferer who is lucky enough to find your website and learn about stem cells. I had no idea this excited. One treatment, ONE TREATMENT! and all my levels are reporting a healthy functioning liver. Thank science! Thank you Dr. Feinerman
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