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Our company provides a wide range of genetic analyzes, gene therapy interventions and several types of stem cells therapies. We are the right address for people suffering from genetic disorders, neurologic, endocrinologic and immune diseases whose treatment depends on these modern medical achievements.

Our Services

Stem Cells Therapies

These highly promising and potent therapies providing regeneration to your damaged tissues and reversing some incurable health conditions are available in our clinic with preparation, procedure and recovery being carefully monitored.

Gone Editing Treatments

Our genetic engineers conduct superb DNA alteration and reparation procedures, based upon CRISP-Cas9 mechanism that will correct various defects integrated into your genome and causing various genetic disorders.

Genetic Analyzes

No genetic disorder can be treated if the faulty genes haven’t been precisely detected and located. Our genetic experts provide all sorts of genetic analyzes to set the right diagnosis.

Stem Cells Sampling

In order to utilize the powerful effects of stem cells treatments, you have to have these cells precisely detected in your body and sampled under strict conditions. Further, cells need to be adequately cryopreserved.


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What clients say about us...


Alicia Perez

After submitting to chemotherapy for my lung cancer, I ended up with bone marrow damage and blood cells deficit caused by chemotherapy. Experts from this company restored my blood system with their stem cells treatments and successful bone marrow transplantation.


Tony G. Stacy

As someone living with muscular dystrophia whole my life, gene editing procedures are my only hope. Highly dedicated and experienced stuff from this company conducted these interventions trying to instruct my normal cells to behave properly. The progress was obvious immediately.


Patricia Knudsen

Cerebral palsy is a quite depressive diagnosis considering the low success of official medical treatments. However, these professional and experienced guys introduced me to some impressive medical achievements and their treatments improved my motoric capacity, overall health and everyday life quality significantly.