The Condition

Atherosclerosis is a disease in which the hardening of the arteries occurs. This disease grows with age, and in turn, it leaves effects in kidneys, the heart, gastrointestinal system, the brain and the genital parts. Blood clots occur due to hardening and narrowing of the arteries. This kind of behavior can cause serious health problems, like heart stroke which can cause the death of the patient. This happens because of plaque which is the result of calcium, cholesterol and other elements found in the blood.

Before the advancement of technology, this disease was considered as the usual behavior in the body of a person aging. That’s why this disease was the main cause of heart attacks in the past.

Factors leading to Atherosclerosis

  • High blood glucose and low nitric acid.
  • Elevated triglyceride and excess of insulin.
  • Low nitric acid, HDL and free testosterone.
  • High fibrinogen, homocysteine, LDL and C-reactive protein.
  • Low DHA, EPA and oxidized LDL.
  • Hypercholesterolemia

Our Treatment

With the advancement in technology and research, the cure to this disease is also available now. Stem cell genetic med has devised a technique and offering a cure for this disease. This treatment consists of the following steps.

  1. To enhance the health of the endothelium Acetyl-L-Carnitine (ALC) – used with Propionyl-L-Carnitine. It recovers the signs of chronic fatigue syndrome as well it also improves the working of the genital organs.
  2. The thickness of the arteries is greatly improved by the use of pomegranate. In addition to that, the contraction of the carotid artery can be reversed by using melon extract. Use of both these fruits causes the reduction of free radicals and also enhances the level of nitric oxide in the body and in turn endothelial lining function also improves. This is the result of the anti-oxidant behavior of pomegranate and melons. This, in turn, restricts the plaque formation in the body.
  3. 2 grams of PLC daily maintain the health of endothelium.
  4. ATP energizes the cells of the body. It is now available in oral form and named as PEAK ATP with GlycoCarn.
  5. Chelation using EDTA is also considered as important to reduce atherosclerosis.
  6. Infusion of CD34+ and CD133+ progenitor cells is recommended for stem cell therapy.
  7. Other than that depending upon the health of the patient other agents are also considered, which includes daily Garlic; Lycopene; Fish oil; Vitamin E 400-800 I.U. dailyNiacin 50-100 mg.