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      What Is Gene Therapy?

      By Petersen Randall / November 27, 2018

      Gene therapy is one of those fields of modern medicine that are currently being under the spotlight and high expectation of scientists and patients are focused onto it. The nature gene therapy refers to various methods used to intervene in the genome of a person suffering from some genetic disorder and attempt correction. A wide […]


        Stem Cell Therapy and Treatment – Diseases and Conditions

        By Petersen Randall / November 15, 2018

        Do you know what is cell therapy? Namely, the potential of stem cells, multipotent and pluripotent cells, has been actively researched worldwide for years in pretty much all fields of modern medicine. Since these cells have a capacity of developing into any form of more mature and differentiated cells, scientists are testing various experimental stem […]


          Breakthrough in Advanced Kidney Disease by Stem Cell Genetic Med

          By Petersen Randall / November 1, 2018

          High blood pressure and the second type of diabetes, along with atherosclerosis, smoking and high levels of blood sugar and lipids are pandemic health issues of the modern world and all of them may damage kidney tissue and lead to chronic kidney disease. If that happens, two only treatment options medicine offers are dialysis and […]


            Nine Things to Know About Stem Cell Treatments

            By Petersen Randall / October 20, 2018

            When disease or trauma damage some organ in our body, ideal treatment would be a complete replacement for the new, healthy tissue. This, however, isn’t possible, but the closest we’ve got to that is with stem cell therapies. This field is constantly developing and stem cell research advancements are being reported every once in a […]


              Pros and Cons of Stem Cell Therapy

              By Petersen Randall / October 8, 2018

              This relatively new and still insufficiently explored medical field is catching the attention of masses worldwide causing opposite reactions. Some see it as the breakthrough medical treatment with endless therapeutic potential, while others oppose strongly accenting its ethical controversy and all the risks attached to it. The third problem is myriad of misconceptions and false […]


                How And Why Do Scientists Edit Genes?

                By Petersen Randall / September 19, 2018

                DNA is considered to be an essence of the life of every living creature since literally all the information required to determine every single trait about a given creature is stored within the DNA sequence. The total amount of DNA material with all the codes and integrated data is usually referred to as genome. Somatic […]


                  The True Potential Of Stem Cells

                  By Petersen Randall / August 15, 2018

                  Various ideas and expectation regarding stem cells therapy have been circling in the scientific world for decades, with a lot of hoping and a lot of talking about it. Patients have an even greater expectation, especially those people whose lives depend upon some breakthrough medical approaches that would be capable of treating irreversibly damaged or […]