The Condition

Autism can be best seen as a neuro-developmental disorder with features that comprise social deficits and communication hitches, stereotyped or monotonous behaviors and interests, sensual problems, and in some other cases, intellectual interruptions.

Such autism signs as above amongst others – usually are apparent within the first 2 years of childhood and affects data processing within the brain by varying how nerve cells associate and organize.

Our Treatment

Stem Cell Genetic Med autism treatment consists of the following:

The autism treatment consists of a combination of stem cell and gene therapies. Patients are evaluated by checking for abnormal gene mutations or mitochondrial abnormalities

    1. When a gene mutation is discovered it is knocked out by a specific shRNA agent
    2. This is followed by inserting the normal gene into the DNA of neural brain stem cells using a attenuated viral vector.
    3. The next step is the administration of neural brain stem cells with the normal gene into the brain and central nervous system along with brain derived neurotrophic factor BDNF; nerve growth factor NGF; neurotrophins NT; glial derived neurotrophic factor GDNF; ciliary derived growth factor CDGF; and vascular endothelial growth factor VEGF by lumbar spinal tap.
    4. Patients post treatment are given neuro brain stimulation externally with a device applied to the forehead and scalp twenty minutes a day.
    5. Hyperbaric oxygen treatments

    The general concept is to rewire the brain allowing nerve cells to communicate through their axons not only locally but to distant areas of the brain.

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