Brain Injury

The Condition

Traumatic Brain Injury as a result of injury during childbirth, trauma, injury or post meningoencephaltis during childhood or adult can lead to devastating sequel. Patients may have problems with use of their extremities, speech, loss of sensation, defects in memory. Treatment depending on the nature of the signs and symptoms may involve physical therapy, intensive rehabilitation, occupational therapy and speech therapy. Despite these approaches, patients may still remain partially or severely disabled.

In recent years we have learned that damaged brain tissue has the capacity to be repaired. When the brain damage is serious, small niches of stem cells cannot help enough to make significant improvement. However, new approaches are available now

Our Treatment

Treatment by Stem Cell Genetic Med consists of the following:

  1. Neurogenesis by stimulation of endogenous stem cells with oral and injectable factors.
  2. Administration of neuron stem cells plus brain neuropeptide, neurotrophins, nerve cell factor, transformation growth factor, vascular endothelial growth factor given intravenously with agents to assist in going through the blood brain barrier and/or administration of the neuron stem cells and growth factors directly into the central nervous system intrathecal spinal canal route.
  3. Post treatment with oral supplements such as DNA Repair, Mitochondrial Energizer, Stem Cell oral stimulant, L-Carnitine, and injectable agents to stimulate endogenous and exogenous stem cells.
  4. Follow up neurological exams, follow up contrast MRI and PET scan of the brain.
  5. Continued physical therapy, rehabilitation and occupational therapy.

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