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Breakthrough Stem Cell Treatment For Advanced Kidney Disease

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WELLINGTON, Fla., July 11, 2017 was certainly a lucky day for Robert Alan Morton, a 58 year old with Stage 4 kidney disease. Robert had refused dialysis but was on the kidney transplant list. Nevertheless, he felt the need to search the internet for other possible solutions. It was Stem Cell Genetic Med that caught his interest. After careful detailed consultations with Dr. Feinerman of Stem Cell Genetic Med, Alan found confidence in stem cells and decided this was the right place.

    There are over 30 million people or (about 15%) in the United States suffering from kidney disease of varying degrees.  Many people with mild kidney damage are not aware of their chronic kidney disease (CKD). As much as 48% of those with severely reduced kidney function, but not on dialysis, are not aware of having CKD.  CKD is estimated to be slightly more common in women than in men (16% to 13%)

    So let’s get back to Robert Alan Morton. He brought to the stem cell clinic copies of his laboratory studies showing BUN and Creatine being very high. Alan’s glomerular filtration rates ranged from 14-20, which is very low indicating kidney failure. He also was a “walking drug store”, with him taking over ten powerful medications which left sedated and uncomfortable. Alan turned to the latest in cutting edge medicine: Stem Cell Therapy.  

   Treatments were done at the Stem Cell Genetic Med Facility, supervised by Burton  Feinerman, M.D. At first, under local anesthesia, a mini-liposuction was performed to extract fat containing millions of autologous mesenchymal stem cells (MSC). Then these stem cells were given to the interventional radiologist, Peter Okolo, M.D., who inserted a catheter into the right radial artery and under visualization passed it up to the aorta to the left and right kidney. The patient was given very minimal sedation and was was comfortable during the entire session. The stem cells will now repair the damaged kidneys and regenerate new healthy kidney tubules and glomeruli, reversing the kidney disease.

This was truly a breakthrough in kidney medicine and Stem Cell Genetic Med anticipates that it shall become a standard in regenerative nephrology. Early discovery of CKD should also be a primary focus and interest amongst family physicians and nephrologists.

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  1. In your opinion do you believe that this treatment can work on a person who is already on dialysis? Also what is the cost of this procedure if the insurance wont cover the cost… I can see that if the patients kidney regenerates itself from the procedure there wont be a need to cover the cost of dialysis for an unknown period of time. I would like as much information as possible about this procedure. My dad has been taking dialysis 3x a week for a couple of years now and I was wondering if there can be an alternative for him to get back to a better life than he has now planning his days around dialysis and then dealing with the side effects after the transfusion. He will be 77 this year. I understand there are many factors that need to be considered for any individual considering this procedure. I just want my dad to be able to live well for as long as he can without the need of dialysis. This procedure sounds simple enough if all the elements line up right. Looking forward to your response, thank you.


    Tyrone Powaday

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