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Curacao Prime Minster Choosing Dr. Feinerman to Lead Economic Push Using Regenerative medicine.

Prime Minister of Economic Development Ling Errol Goeloe (KdNT) Expected shortly With different Ame-Rich investors with a memorandum of understanding to sign The Investors who are active Are on various Clean and Green projects to be Launched on Curaçao. The Is to Goeloes wants to use these projects for the development of the economy. Thus, atamcel researcher wants Dr. Burton Feinerman a regenerative doctor to go come to Curacao and train local physicans on regenerative medicines. Feinerman’s patients are treated with Stem cell transplantation. This treatment is highly effective on Parkinson’s disease. Alzheimer, Autism, Brain Damage, kidney problems and Erectile dysfunctions, anti-aging and much more . Goeloes wants to make it laws on stem cells in Curacao to be adjusted to be possible. Also, Agreements were made to partner with health insurer SVB. Goeloe is aware That stem cell research is a controversial subject matter, “In particular stem cells Received from embryos’ Feinerman makes it known that he does not use of embryonic stem cells. Stem cells are received from the patients themselves. Curacao wants to be open for development Of a new generation, “It is our intention to be profitable “.


Source: http://read.amigoe.com/i/826422-vr-19-mei/3?m4=


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