Erectile Dysfunction

The Condition

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) affects thirty million men in the US. This condition can oc-cur with men of any age, but usually in the age group of fifty to eighty years. ED becomes a troublesome ordeal in the normal rela-tionships between men and women. So, women are just as concerned as men in trying to correct the problem.

At first, men try Viagra or Cialis which often will help them for awhile, but in later years is found to be ineffective. Men then will go to an ED Men’s Clinic to try TriMix or QuadMix injections. These injections are given by men at the base of the male organ just prior to sexual intimacy. They can be effective, but each romantic encounter requires the injections, which sometimes can be associated with discomfort and may, over a period of time, require larger amounts. Certain complica-tions with their use can occur, including

Peyronie’s Disease. Its also awkward emotionally for many men as they feel comfortable about its use.

Our Treatment

StemCellGeneticMed has developed an effective long term treatment for ED. The treatment includes injections of an agent that dilates the blood vessels in the male organ; repairs and regenerates the endothelial lining of the blood vessels; restores the smooth muscles and nerve tissue of the male organ. The focus of the treatment is to regenerate the male organ to the function as that of a young man.

Usually a single treatment is all that is necessary, but occasional boosters may be necessary for some men. It achieves the normal intimacy for couples.

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