The Condition

Huntington disease is caused by a genetic mutation HTT on chromosome 4 which causes a part of the DNA called a CAG repeat to occur many more times than it is supposed to. Usually this portion of the DNA is repeated 10 to 28 times. With Huntington disease it is repeated 36 to 120 times. As the gene is passed down in families the number of repeats tend to get larger and symptoms develop in younger ages.  The typical form of the disease starts in the thirties or forties with irritability, depression, involuntary movements, poor coordination, difficulty in learning and making decisions, jerky or twitching movements, trouble walking, speaking, swallowing, changes in personality, thinking and reasoning.

Our Treatment

Stem Cell Genetic Med has started a safe non-surgical treatment for the condition using a combined stem cell and gene therapy. Patients receive neuron brain stem cells mixed with brain derived neurotrophic factor, nerve growth factor, glial derived neurotrophic factor, neurotrophins administered into the central nervous system and brain via the lower spinal canal allowing passage through the blood brain barrier.   On the first day of treatment shRNA HTT which can knockout the gene mutation is inserted into the neuron stem cells using a vector. Two days later the normal HTT gene which plays an important role in nerve cells of the brain is inserted into the neuron stem cells prior to administration into the central nervous system. The disease will start to regress and may even vanish altogether. NOTE: It is essential that the stem cells and gene agents be given by lumbar spinal tap in order for them to pass through the blood brain barrier . We have the first real protocol to treat Huntingon’s successfully.

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