Macular Degeneration

The Condition

Patients with macular degeneration have angiogenesis with abnormal vessels in the retina. The essential feature is to restore normal photoreceptors and visual ability. The goal is to stop retina degeneration and introduce healthy retina cells into the subretina environment that will form photoreceptors.Stem cells that are pluripotent can be transformed in the laboratory to retina progenitor cells. Patients can now receive retina stem cells that are cultured with brain derived neurotrophin factor, nerve growth factor and fibroblast growth factor in the laboratory for four weeks. Retina precursor cells differentiate into retina cells and photoreceptors. The retina stem cells and optic neuron stem cells are implanted by an experienced ophthalmologist.Prior to the procedure and post procedure patients receive oral and injectable agents to stimulate their own endogenous stem cells. In addition, prior to the procedure patients will receive autologous stem cells from their own bone marrow or peripheral blood. Patients are followed by retina examinations, retinogram, spatial acuity and luminescence threshold to evaluate the treatment.

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