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what is stem cell therapy

All You Need To Know On Stem Cell Therapy


How Does Stem Cell Therapy Or Regenerative Medicine Work?

Essentially, stem cell therapy is the next level of modern medicine. Stem cell therapy is the process of your own stem cells going through a degree of programming to make them specialize into specific cells. These specialized cells are then injected back into your body. The implanted cells then hone into the damaged parts of your body and start the repair process.

There is no rejection since the stem cells come from the body of the patient.  The stem cells are extracted from the areas containing stored fat (adipose tissue) or the bone marrow. A ‘centrifuge’ harbors the extracted cells and then spins the extracted cells at a very fast pace. This process proceeds to make the contents in the centrifuge to become ultra concentrated.  The stem cell concentration then enters the affected body system via injection. The cells then work immediately after entering the system and start to perform their function.


Stem cell therapy is having tremendous success in the following medical cases:

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Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy

  • This form of therapy is good for patients experiencing severe pain or are facing a life threatening condition. This is because it does not entail expensive reconstructive surgery or medications. It is applicable on joint pains of the knee, shoulder, elbows, and tendon to neurological and autoimmune diseases.
  • It is a simple way of treating and reversing debilitating conditions in the body due to its mode of introduction to the body. The stem cells are programmed to hone into the specific areas that need repair. 
  • It increases collagen in the body. The application of the treatment entails injection of the stem cells with other substances. Some medical practitioners, campaign for anesthetic substances and collagen being one of the substances introduced into the body.
  • It helps patients return to their normal healthy states as fast as possible. This is because they continue reproducing even after periods of remaining inactive.
  • It aids in reducing the damage to the nerves and compensation of muscles, which in turn increases the probability of impending injuries.
  • Prevents the formation of scars on the skin and reduces the possibility of hair loss. Some stem cells to aid in the regeneration of hair cells.
  • It helps to repair blood vessels and tissue in the body.
  • Spine injuries and trauma to the brain are now treatable. In addition to this, neurodegenerative diseases and conditions are also treatable.
  • This therapy is also beneficial to the improvement and treatment of impaired vision.

Precautions of Stem Cell Therapy

  • Headaches preceding the therapeutic injection
  • Redness or and swelling in the area of injection one to two days preceding the therapy
  • There might be an increase in stiffness and pain in the affected area. This, however, happens for a short period.

Overall, stem cell therapy is the future of medicine and Stem Cell Genetic Med makes that future a possibility today.  Other treatments  from other clinics see little no to success due to the lack of patent stem cell protocols created by our lead physician Dr. Burton Feinerman .

We at Stem Cell Genetic Med have developed an advanced way of dealing with terminal illnesses. Has your physician told you that there is no hopeful treatment option? We challenge the incurable with cutting edge therapy treatment options that cover a wide range of diseases. Our stem cell and gene therapies aid to reverse even the most debilitating conditions from various diseases.  Contact us today for more information on our treatment methods, via our social media accounts, site (https://www.stemcellgeneticmed.com ), or Call us (561-557-3358)


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